Jack-up units equipped with circular can shaped footings known as spudcans have been widely used for offshore drilling activities. Before each mobilization, an evaluation of the spudcan penetration and potential failure risks during preloading is performed 

Leg penetration analysis based on existing site works is performed in the following steps

  Brief study of soil investigation and geophysical survey available for the area and the project location including site and project description and scope of geotechnical studies

  Reviewing the general specification of the project

  Brief study of Site Exploration including the method of drilling exploratory boreholes and insitu tests

  Brief study of Laboratory test methods and results including onboard tests and those performed in a central laboratory

  Reviewing Subsurface Condition including the type and thickness of soil layers and their specifications

  Engineering Analysis including

             Review the available Design Soil Parameters for Spudcan Penetration Analysis

             Review the methodology assumptions and limitations of LPA

             Review the spudcan Geometry and Loading

             Spudcan Penetration Prediction and LPA

  Technical suggestion and recommendations